Why Airborne Trampoline Park is the Best Jumping Place for Kids

Three Reasons Airborne Trampoline Park is the Best Jumping Place for Kids

With the growing popularity of programs like American Ninja Warrior, trampoline parks are getting a reputation for being the perfect place to find fun for the whole family. Airborne Trampoline Park is definitely fun for all ages, but it’s also the very best trampoline park for kids.

  1. Lil’ Air
    Airborne has an area exclusively for children age 8 and under. No more getting trampled by bigger kids! No more flying off course because an older kid landed too close! Lil’ Air is perfect for toddlers and any kids under 8 who aren’t as sure on their feet. This area has its own trampolines, foam pit, and rope swing, so all little jumpers can have all the fun while staying safe. While nobody over age 8 is allowed in Lil’ Air, little jumpers are allowed in other areas of the park – they just have Lil’ Air as an option where they may feel more comfortable.
  2. Easy supervision
    In addition to our attentive staff members keeping an eye on kids, Airborne Trampoline Park is the best trampoline park for parents to keep an eye on things. Every area has tons of convenient seating, including massage chairs. As one review put it, “the layout is perfect for watching your kids from almost every angle!” A little peace of mind can go a long way, so parents who choose not to jump are still welcome to hang around as spectators.
  3. Height requirements
    Most of the attractions Airborne don’t have a minimum height, age or weight requirement. That means that children of all ages can play on almost everything in the park. While kids age 8 and under may choose to stay in the Lil’ Air arena, they are welcome to explore other areas as well.

    Airborne Trampoline Park is much more than a trampoline park. Foam pits, a trapeze, a cliff jump, dodgeball arena, slides and obstacle courses all come together to make the best trampoline park for kids and adults alike.